When I was a young girl, I would enjoy digging and 'playing in the dirt' to see what wonderful treasure I could find. . .this would unfold to become my world. . . .

Archaeology called to me. . . .Over the years, I have gained knowledge and understanding of mankind's evolution and how ancient societies left behind footprints--stories of their lives. The importance of tools, foods and life span are only specks of the stories left behind. Death sent them back from whence they came bringing a renewal, not an end. Their rites of passage were not too distant from what is practiced today.

From the distant lands of the Pharaohs to the Homeland of my Ancestors. . .life goes on and with each passing day. . .a new life begins while another life ends.

The world of Archaeology is full of enchantment, mystery and romance. Embrace your past for it holds the key to your future.

Enjoy your visit -- it is most welcomed.
Archaeology - Field of Dreams, Passion and Pages From The Past
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~~only the journey is written. . .not the destination~~

Enjoy the pictures I bring for your viewing. . . .I don't presume to know all--but this I do know, without
my past I have no future; without no future, my past would be lost forever. . . .

I once asked Grandpa (my Dad) how will I know when I have true friends?. . .he said to me. . ."through life, you will meet many people who will come and will go. . .but there will always be those special people who will stay by your side not only through good times but bad times as well. . .we call them 'feathers of all colors'. . .I didn't understand so this is how he explained it. . .it's like a bird who loses its feathers 'friends' and then there are those beautiful feathers that never fall off 'feathers of all colors'. . .those feathers stay forever". . .those are your true friends. . . .His wisdom went beyond words. . . .to me, they were powerful--with hidden meaning. . .he would look at me and say "WhiteDove, life is your puzzle. . .only you can put the pieces together". . .he is with me always, yet I truly miss him. . . .

scarab anyone?